How to Order

Non-Trade Customers

Non-trade customers can purchase cards from the many retailers we supply nationwide, please call to find your nearest stockist. Alternatively you can browse our entire collection on this site and make on-line purchases using our secure sage pay system.


Trade Customers

As well as being able to order on-line we can also take your order by phone; or alternatively if you prefer to place your order in person, we can arrange a visit by one of our sales agents.


All Clare Maddicott account holders once registered on the trade section of this website can select and compile orders on-line.  Within minutes of submitting an order a confirmation email is sent back to the customer detailing the items ordered. There is no need for payment on-line as all orders are invoiced and processed in the normal way.

By phone

Just call 01638 552399 and speak to a member of our friendly small but efficient sales team, who will be happy to take an order or assist you with any aspect of your account.

In person

If you would prefer to place your order in person, we have a nationwide team of territory sales managers who are available to call on customers regularly throughout the year. As well as advising you on best sellers and keeping you up to date on new introductions, your sales agent can also assist with merchandising and implement a simple stock control re-order system. Call us on 01638 552399 to find out who the territory sales manager is for your area.

we accept secure credit card payments